DENVER, CO- The Heart of Your Painting is an abstract messy smudge of paint splatter spread across a canvas that cannot contain its subject. The rhymes are simple yet abstract, the instrumentation is otherworldly but retain elements of cliche. Freestyle scratching and lush production puntuates the overall style and wave. Laid back, trippy, heavy, and futuristic in its exploration of the golden era boomtrap style, Oscify is uncompromising in this relaxed and lucid vision.  


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DENVER, CO - Good Night is the 4th release in Oscify's Good Times instrumental album series, a collection that encapsulates many of the artist's earlier works. The record is a blend of many styles, from retro techno and industrial trap to dreamy downtempo and layered breakbeats with psychedelic glitch hop flourishes. Good Night is dark and diverse with infectious energy and an upbeat mood.


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Listen to The Complete Are You Serious Music Library Catalog (AYS) on YouTube here:




The Complete Are You Serious Music Library Catalog

Are You Serious


DENVER, COLORADO - Greetings and welcome to the massive AYS Radio playlist, featuring all your favorite hits and lesser known B-sides from the Are You Serious Record Label artists, including music from Are You Serious, Mad Hugs, Sol Harmonics, True Vintage, Oscify, Versify, Magnificent Winspan, Mad Osc, and more!

This huge library of songs is the perfect background for activity for exercise, study, driving, even a party or barbeque




True Vintage New Album


DENVER, CO- "The Gears of Time Grind Inexorably Slowly" is TV's second album, and has a considerably different feel from the first album, "As Seen On TV!". Gears has a much shorter running time, fewer tracks, and different production vibes. The aesthetic is a bit rougher from Andy Arsenal's classic boombap vibes of the first album, but also a bit more expansive, Even psychedelic but very concise and tight. This is after all an old school boom bap style crew. Beats are handled by Doc, Clurk, Dirty Hairy, & Glad2Mecha who also drops a verse. Emcee Diverge drops a verse as well. Doc drops some Dj Scratches, the album was mixed by Clurk and Doc and mastered by legendary guitarist Dave Beegle. This is an awesome listen, with each track complementing the others but completely unique. Enjoy!


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DENVER, CO- A mix of sorts 2 synths used, home made beats from my drum machine, homemade melodies run through my sampler. No computer programs.

Recorded with My multi-tracker. lots of movement. not exactly dance music. Something maybe for late night chill sessions. Created for no one in particular.


Some good instrumental mood music to get on fade to,


Only available for a short time before it's main release in 3 months on indie CO label 'Are You Serious'



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Magnificent Wingspan: Stratospheric Symbols


DENVER, CO- Stratospheric Symbols were written in the stars and carvings of the ancients, left behind on their gigantic leviathan temples and scraps of buried ruins long before Allpoints and Doc Os were even conceivable concepts.

When these two post-modernistic polymaths came to deconstruct the standard idiom with extreme avarice as they parse a range of philosophical and spiritual concepts over heavily booming electromagnetically charged transformative trip-hop beats that degrade and unwind into ambient forms which resemble cybernetic organisms manifesting as lasers and waves of sound.

It wouldn't be long into their research before Points and Doc stumbled upon the puzzling hieroglyphs which formed the basis for the codex known as stratospheric symbols, a discovery which led to stunningly magnificent and mysterious journeys into distant realms and timelines; quests requiring incredible perseverance and deep fortitude and ranging in scope from formal archeology to nuclear science, yet at the same time paid many dividends as numerous forgotten artifacts were recovered and returned to their rightful place in history. Such is the legacy of the Stratospheric Symbols.  


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DENVER, CO- Terminatrix is about as raw as hip hop gets. Oscify and Jeztikal trade insane bars over a banging beat with no limits to the insanity and illness.


JEZTIKAL is an independent lyricist attempting to break the cycle of infinite loops, breaks and samples in hip-hop music. Right now, JEZTIKAL is a Frankenstein of resurrected synthesizers connected to drum machines, lyrically wandering around like Micheal Myers through the house that Jack built.


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