Magnificient Wingspan



Denver, Colorado


   Magnificient Wingspan is a collaboration between

AllPoints & Oscify with heady lyrics and heavy beats.




True Vintage


Loveland, CO


   True Vintage is an underground hip-hop group based out ofLoveland, ColoradoTrue Vintage conmposes of producer Andy Arsenal, and emcees The Clurk & Dr. Oscify. True Vintage is currently at work on their first album

to be released in 2015.



Ground Broken


Denver, Colorado


Ground Broken has gained respect and recognition from the

hip-hop community and continues to captivate audiences with their energetic and lyrically diverse live performances.




Founders Surreal and Escro have worked hard to gather the resources necessary to produce, record, and promote all of

their own music.


This has allowed Ground Broken the artistic freedom to bring a breath of fresh air and a style of independent music unparalleled by any genre.




Are You Serious


Denver, Colorado


Are You Serious is an alternative hip-hop label based in Denver, Colorado.


AYS is comprised of members Boonhamin,Dr. OscifyCharlie 2bitDavid Ochoa, & DJ Jus Panda.


With a sound that mixes elements of underground hip-hop with soul, R&B, dance party music and beats which range from down-tempo smooth psychedelia to electronica and rock & roll.


 AYS has recorded and released several mixtapes including"Dot Dot Dot" (2011), and "Really" (2013), and our self titled debut album.

Concert dates are coming up! Visit our contact page and sign our mailing list for updates on new releases, excusive fan deals, Street Team, and info on AYS events in your area.





Sol Harmonics



Denver, Colorado


   Sol Harmonics is a hip-hop collaboration between

 emcee/producers Surreal from Ground Broken and Oscify.


Their first album is an instrumental release featuring classic hip-hop beats swirled into psychedelic soundscapes with occasional electronic flourishes.


   In 2015 we will hear their upcoming hip hop album, which can only be described as futuristic boom bap.






Denver, CO



   Versify is German producer Ulliversal and emcee Dr.Oscify.


Their debut album was released in 2006 and is now set for a 2015 re-release here on the Are You Serious label.


   Versify is now preparing their second album, and have released a single featuring Ground Broken entitled 

"Artificial Ones".


released 23 February 2015 

produced by Ulliversal, lyrics by Oscify, & Surreal and Atlas from Ground Broken.




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Doctor Oscify 


Denver, Colorado



Doc Oscify is a producer and vocalist who released his debut album, a collection of instrumentals "Good After Noon" in Fall 2013.


Oscify is also a performer in groups such as Are You Serious, Sol Harmonics, Versify, Magnificent Wingspan, True Vintage, & Heart Break Kids.


2015 will see the release of several projects with Oscify's name.










Bearing ten original tracks for a total listening time of approximately 47 minutes, “Good After Noon” includes tracks composed between 2006 and 2008 using FL Studio, Cakewalk Plasma, Ableton Live, Waves Diamond Bundle, Ozone Izotope, and Windows XP.




Heart Break Kids


Denver, Colorado


   Heart Break Kids are a collaboration between Limbo and Doc Os. Look out for the Purple Elks mixtape dropping soon in 2015.



David Ochoa

Emcee • AYS


Raw Acoustic 2013


   David Ochoa is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, & emcee. His voice has been compared to singers such as Bradley Nowell, Otis Redding, & Bruno Mars: yet his sound is one of a kind.

"Raw Acoustic 2013" is a five song EP with David Ochoa's vocal stylings over acoustic guitar.


All songs written and performed by David Ochoa, and produced by Leo Fairbanks.


Cover art by David Ochoa & Leo Fairbanks.


Free Download or Stream.






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