DENVER, CO- The Uplift 3 is the first full-length album released by the duo Mad Osc (producer Mad Hugs & emcee Doc Oscify). This latest release comes after two successful EP's, The Uplift 1 & 2.


The first two releases were lofi hip-hop heaven, The Uplift 3 is more expansive, with longer songs, more detailed production and deeper immersion into the music's concepts. The Uplift 3 sound is a blend of Mad Hugs' diverse and unique production styles, syncopated beats with 808's layered with airy floating melodies, ambient sounds, and classic hip-hop and dance music flips.


Oscify then sprinkled his own production flavors to help compliment the densely complex, emotional, and abstract universe his lyrics inhabit. The rhymes are sharp and reflective, not so much focused on punchlines and wordplay although they occur, more based on moods and visual imagery within the different worlds.


With catchy choruses, a lot of singing, upbeat alternative and underground conscious rap vibes, and just a splash of nerdcore, The Uplift 3 is a lot of fun, but not too silly for the most part. The guest appearance by Limbo from HBK (Heart Break Kids) near the end of the album is the perfect feature verse; hungry, street wise, clever, and uncompromising just like Mad Osc.


A one of a kind project, Uplift 3 is a certified abstract hip-hop electro pop masterpiece.


Enjoy: - AYS


~ A note from the artists ~


Mad Hugs:


Peace! I first met Doc Osc as Jibah on SoundClick back in 2006 or so.


I noticed his music was Grade A when compared to the majority of sc artist and contacted him about this. He responded in kind and enjoyed my music as well.


We talked about working together but never really got around to it until years later around 2016. I would like to thank Doc Osc and Are You Serious ? for the opportunity to work with me.


About the instrumentals- I use Korg synthesizers, an Electribe, a 404 SX sampler, an Akai XR-20 beat production center, and a Tascam multi tracker recorder. The rest was up to Doc and I personally think he did an awesome job!


I would also like to thank Jpalm for the awesome cover art for our albums. And thanks to all who listen, and spread the word.





– Mad Hugs





Greetings! Working with MH has been awesome.


He's an artist who can literally do any style and his workflow is so fast and fluid it's unbelievable. He produced the beats for this album (as well our first two EP's and many of his other records) in approximately 1 day.


14 fully conceived beats... I know, I couldn't believe it either. So after that, I took about 9 months writing, producing and recording the songs and arranging the collabo with Limbo, and now we have the art piece you see today.


Still a little rough around the edges (we don't want it too clean), Uplift 3 is an ode to positivity, family, divinity, health, wealth, love and beautiful weather. We worked hard on this one, thanks for listening!





- Oscify






Mad Hugs - The Sadness Before the Serenity


DENVER, CO - Hailing from Rochester, New York, premo electronica artist Jeffrey Hull comes with his new instrumental album, "The Sadness Before the Serenity", which is a mix of melodic and moody instrumentals backed by sole made drum beats capturing a bit of mania and beauty. 

Having created the beats for the Mad Osc albums "The Uplift EP" Volumes 1 and 2 with old time friend Doc Osc, Jeffrey (Mad Hugs) Hull delivers a diverse blend of sounds and harmonies with His new album Mad Hugs- “The Sadness Before Solitude.” Having been a recording artist for the last 13 years, Mad Hug Hugs shines well on tracks such as “Holy Ghost” and “Darth Vader Crunk”.

Gear used to create this album include - Tascam dp02, Korg X50, Korg R3, Roland Sp-404 sx, Akai XR-20, Akg K-77 headphones, and electribe ea-1.







Listen to The Complete Are You Serious Music Library Catalog (AYS) on YouTube here:




The Complete Are You Serious Music Library Catalog

Are You Serious


DENVER, COLORADO - Greetings and welcome to the massive AYS Radio playlist, featuring all your favorite hits and lesser known B-sides from the Are You Serious Record Label artists, including music from Are You Serious, Mad Hugs, Sol Harmonics, True Vintage, Oscify, Versify, Magnificent Winspan, Mad Osc, and more!

This huge library of songs is the perfect background for activity for exercise, study, driving, even a party or barbeque




Oscify - Funkno


DENVER, CO- Funkno (a combination of funk and techno) is a fun dance party psy step future bass electro house track with a heavy happy hardcore throbbing disco bass, some super smooth and dope synths, a few liquid dub step wub wobbles and just a little psychedelic jazz guitar.


All in all, This is an ultra nice jam for your enjoyment and rocking out pleasure! Enjoy, and maybe we'll even drop a remix!







Oscify - Industry


DENVER, CO- "Industry" is an instrumental electronic IDM/experimental music single produced by Oscify. This is a slower track, weird, with an almost alien feel.


The song is structured around the interplay of the various synthesizers with the cheesy heavy industrial drums. Overall it's a definite head nodder with a dark chill vibe.



Fun with Fruity Loops and Ableton.






Heart Break Kids - Daydream/Nightmare


DENVER, CO- Daydream / Nightmare is a classic HBK track. As the duo explore themes of relationships fear, growth, and 80's pop culture, the world of dreams and nightmares sits on either side.


Limbo's beat is a creepy, ominous, production, full of jump out of your seat scares in all the right places. Oscify's layers increase the intensity of the production.


Verses by Doc Os and Limbo are razor sharp, cinematic and full of imagery. At under three minutes, this is a short and sweet thriller.







ARE YOU SERIOUS feat. Johnny Royale & Ulliversal


DENVER, CO- "Take the Wheel" is a hip-hop / rock crossover track from AYS. Features a firey and highly intricate guest verse from hip-hop emcee Johnny Royale; and a a slamming sludge factory of a beat produced by Ulliversal from Versify.


Doc Oscify and Boonhamin come through with high energy verses, and David Ochoa's chorus blazes with massive intensity. With all these excellent ingredients, "Take the Wheel" is perfect for those country road drives and picture perfect Nascar finishes.


Take the wheel!