AYS Label launches ecommerce


DENVER, CO - Beat producer Mad Hugs and emcee Dr. Oscify have now completed the second EP for their group Mad Osc, entitled "The Uplift 2 EP". With a collection of 8 highly diverse alternative hip-hop tracks, this highly abstract rap album is full of raw dope beats, razor sharp lyrics, and catchy melodies.


Each song embodies its own style, creating a wide variety of soundscapes throughout the album's 24 minute running time, as well as an excellent counterpoint to its predecessor, "The Uplift EP".


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ARE YOU SERIOUS? Online Store Up & Running.


AYS Label launches ecommerce


DENVER, CO- Our Spring Collection has finally arrived at the Are You Serious Outlet at the Dizzy Jam store! We now have many designs of men's and women's t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and carry bags with designs from groups like AYS, Magnificent Wingspan, Versify, True Vintage, Sol Harmonics, Oscify, & and more! Browse our large selection of comfortable and high quality clothing items now!





True Vintage Releases

"As Seen On TV"


Feat. Apathy, Soul Khan & More...


DENVER, CO- True Vintage was formed at the end of 2014 by producer Andy Arsenal and emcees Oscify & Tha Clurk. The trio quickly developed a style which combines classic sample based boom bap hip-hop with modern lyric styles and production techniques. The result is a wickedly smooth hip-hop sound with a distinctly throwback feel.


Containing several notable features, including guest appearances from rappers Apathy, Mega Ran, Soul Khan, & Diverge (DNE), vocalists Devon Parker, The Ochoa Brothers (David Ochoa & Jacob Mapstead), Jordan Thompson, & Beau Dubois, as well as some choice cuts from DJ Roxsmooth, “As Seen On… TV” might just have a little something for everyone.




Mad Hugs & Doc Oscify Release "The Uplift EP"


New York State Meets Denver Hip-hop


DENVER, CO- A mesmerizing blend of abstract, alternative, underground experimental hip-hop, “The Uplift EP” is a collaborative effort from producer Mad Hugs and lyricist Doc Oscify.


With eight songs all under three minutes in length, this mini album represents a pastiche of styles and elements woven through a series of analog sounding and diverse instrumentals from Mad Hugs while Doc Oscify showcases his elasticity on the mic, bringing a constantly evolving flow of rhymes interspersed with some warm, raw, and at times surprisingly heartfelt singing parts. All in all, “The Uplift EP” has a definite underground abstract appeal, with short punchy and powerful songs that beg for multiple spins.



Sol Harmonics To Perform at Cervantes Other Side


Featuring Kites Over Pluto & More...


DENVER, CO-  Sol Harmonics is performing at Cervantes' Masterpiece & The Other Side on Sunday, April 24 at 6:30 p.m. in Denver, Colorado. Everyone 16 years old or older with a valid ID is welcome attend.


Tickets are $10 until April 1, 2016.